Thursday, 27 June 2013

New touch screen tv

We got a new touch screen TV and me and my friend you can see on the video are using Google Sketch up on the TV we can make spheres and much more things with it on the touch screen TV. The task was to make something worth keeping that we could print through the 3D printer. A 3D printer prints anything you make on Google sketch up with plastic but only print things that are 3D.
By Jayden
BP Zoo Challenge
In our Area we have just finished entering a competition which is called the BP zoo challenge. We needed to design a toy for Hamilton Zoo that will enhance a tiger or a bird’s life. My group chose to do a tiger. This is a picture of our prototype. The prototype is a moose for the tiger to play with. The fur (coat) can come off so then you can swap it with one of the other coats. We have three coats, Moose, Deer and Caribou. The purpose of this toy is so that the tiger can get a new toy to play with.   

By Claudia, Rachel, Caitlyn and Rishika 

Friday, 21 June 2013

BP Zoo Challenge

For the last couple of weeks Area 5 at Farm Cove school has been working on a prototype of a toy for tigers so that we could enter the BP Zoo Challenge. This year the BP Zoo Challenge is being held for the Hamilton Zoo Australian birds or the tigers. First we got into groups of two to four. Then we decided what animal to do. Me and the rest of the group have great interest in tigers so we decided it would be fun to make a toy for such an elegant but ferocious animal. Before we could start designing we had to do some researching for things such as how high the tigers could jump and what colours they could see. We found out that tigers quite liked jumping and could only see blue and green. From that we designed something that the tigers had to jump for and that was green. It took a long time but eventually we finished designing two models one out of clay and one which to make we used our schools new 3D printer. Here's what they look like.

By Sarah,Emma,bailey and Emma.

Tamaki Makaurau

In literacy we have been set a task to make a poster that will make other people from overseas come to Tamaki Makaurau (Auckland). This is one of the posters we have made. The audience is for Adventurous people who like having the time of their life.

By Claudia and Olivia

Jayden's poster

The task was to make a poster or a moving image about Tamaki Makaurau (the Maori name for Auckland) and I had to make it persuasive, I had to think about the audience and the opinions. I chose to make a poster for sporty people to get people to come to Auckland. This is my poster.
By Jayden

Monday, 17 June 2013

Quadblogging Questions

Hi Fellow Quadblogging schools. The students here at Farm Cove Intermediate have some questions for you.

7 Rebecca

  • You use Minecraft for learning purposes/ projects. It would be really cool if you could share some of the skills you have learnt from it and tell us how the experience helps you and/or enhances your school experience.
  • Apart from maths, what other projects or curriculum areas have you used Minecraft for?
  • Do you use your own computers and devices or do you use only the school ones?
  • How much sport do you play in a week? What sports do you learn at school?
  • How big is your school?
  • Has anyone famous ever come from your school or local area?
Mr Brownlee's Class
  • What cultural groups and activities do you have at your school?
  • We loved the idea of your paper long did they take and how long have you been blogging for?
  • How much sport do you play in a week? What sports do you learn at school?
  • How big is your school?
  • Has anyone famous ever come from your school or local area?

Virtual Incredible Science Week 2013

Visit for some awesome videos and interactive activities. Share with our blogging community some of the things you have learnt.

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Thursday, 13 June 2013

Shared Reading- Little Red Riding Hood By Roald Dahl

We have been set a task to perform a poem for literacy.We chose Little Red Riding Hood because we have heard the story before but we have never  heard the Roald Dahl version.
Here is our video of our performance.
We would love you to comment and we hope you enjoy!
By Seyah and Amy

Digital Classroom

In the digital classroom we have lots of fun and we work hard to achieve all that we set for our goals.
We are allowed to bring our iPods,iPads and laptops to school to enhance our learning. We have fitness everyday after maths and we also have specialist on Mondays from first block to second block. For specialist, we learn a subject for 6 weeks. The subjects we learn are, Art, ICT, Hard Materials, Science, Food & Bio and Music. We enjoy learning on our laptops because it makes our learning faster and more independent. We also have a new flexible learning system that makes us work on our own stuff and it lets us work at our own speed on one task. So that's what it's like working in the digital classroom. 

Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Science Specialist

Yesterday for science we did First Layer Chromatography which continues on our subject of forensic science. For our first test we had some fun. We each chose four felt tip pens and marked them on a piece of paper, then we put the tip of the paper in the water for a while to see what happened.
The results were amazing and very colorful but now it's time for some serious forensic tests. This time we were trying to figure out which pen made the dot on the pointed piece of paper.
The results showed that it was pen number one as one started off blue then went black and ended with a tinge of pink and so did the dot on the pointed paper. We solved the crime!

By Daniel

A hard day at Hard Materials.

Over the past few weeks we have been participating in hard-materials. We have learnt about electrons, diodes, and so on.We also learnt how to create PCBs( printed circuit boards), which is a basic necessity for our alarm. As well as that, we also designed our own covers- most of the boys had pac man, most girls had hearts/cupcakes, while Mr. McGrath had Crewcut Barrelhead.

    Using the drill!

    A solution to soak our circuit boards in....not telling you why.....

 Burning outlines into designs...literally burning.

Thursday, 6 June 2013

Literacy- Persuasive NZ Posters

I chose this poster because last year I went skiing at Mt Ruapehu. 

This poster is aimed towards an audience that like snow/winter sports such as skiing or snowboarding to convince them to go to Mt Ruapehu ski fields. 

The poster is persuasive off the mountains and the snow and it makes the snow look really nice and fluffy. It also makes skiing look entertaining and fun. 

Facts: This is a picture of the Mt Ruapehu ski fields and in the background you can see Mount Ngauruhoe. 

By Rishika

Literacy- persuasive NZ posters

I chose this poster because it has lots of colour and it hooked me in when I saw the beach and people having fun there.

The audience: I think that this poster is made for people who live over seas or not in Timaru to come and visit it.

Ways that it persuades you: I think that it persuades you because it has a sunny background with people smiling and having fun. It also has children and adults to tell tourist that you can have fun there no matter how old you are. 

Facts or opinions: I think that this picture has a fact because Timaru is by the sea but I don't think that there are any opinions

Hyperbole: I think that there is a hyperbole because the lady in the front looks very, very happy and is jumping around in from of every one.

By Amy Rowlands

Literacy - Persuasive NZ Posters

I chose this poster because the drawing looked realistic.

One of the ways this poster is persuasive is that it has writing that stands out.

Its audience is probably more than 8 because the drawings are not colourful or bright, so they might not like it.

Some facts about the poster are probably you go there by ferry because there is a ferry in the picture, and there are no airports. By Janakan

Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Specialist- Art

This morning in art we were sculpting our FriendenSceich HundertWasser tiles and cup holders. 
We had to design what we were going to make, then we had to roll out the clay. We were able to do whatever design we wanted to create. Once we had finished our design we left them to dry. 
To make our cup holders we had to get clay and roll it out. So that it wasn't to fat to put threw the roller. Next we needed to get a toilet roll and wrap it around. And then your ready to out in your design.

Food and Bio

Farmcove intermediate,Auckland New Zealand Area 5 specialist group two went to Food and Bio. 
Mrs Joneja our Food and Bio teacher told us that we would be making mini loaves.
So we started by getting all our ingredients and our equipment 
We made our batter in two halves ( the dry ingredients and the wet ingredients )
Then taking turns we greased our cake tins and filled them with the batter and put them in the oven.
After twenty minutes we checked on them. They were ready so we took them out and put them on our cooling tray, waited for them to cool down AND  FINALLY we were able to eat them. 

Below are some pictures of the batter and finished product.

In a couple of weeks we will be modifying the recipe and adding our on touches to the same recipe. 

This is the finished product