Friday, 12 July 2013

Well Deserved Holidays are here

Well that's Term 2 complete and we are halfway through the year!
We had a great response from parents last night at our Digital Citizenship 30second film festival - thanks to all those who attended.
Our students, and I have been actively engaged in 2 big authentic projects and deserve a rest before Term 3.

Rest well and travel safely, parents and students!
Philip Misiowiec - Moorea, French Polynesia

30 sec film festival (Luke, Lewis and Josh)

This film is about receiving dodgy emails and knowing when not to give away personal information to people you don't know. We chose this subject because there are lots of cases of scam artists.
By Lewis, Josh and Luke.

Chain letter story

During class we have been doing 30 second videos on cyber safety. We did a video on chain letters and the videos teach you what to do if you get a chain letter. We got to show our parents our videos on Thursday (Yesterday 11th July.)

By Claudia and Olivia

Thursday, 11 July 2013

We had to make a 30 second film about cyber safety. The topic Lupo and myself, Jordan, chose is pop ups. This is our 30 second film:

Thursday, 4 July 2013

Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Good digital citizens

This is our video for our 30 Second Film Festival of what a good digital citizen would do when they are talking to someone that they don't know over the internet.
By Seyah and Amy

BP zoo challenge.

Amy, Aislinn, Grace and I were in a group for the BP zoo challenge. We had to make a toy prototype that was suitable for an Australian bird. It has many features like the textured keypad and bells. We chose this toy because it will mentally and physically challenge and entertain the birds. It took us around 5 weeks to plan and make the prototype. We are all very happy with the finished result.
By Amy and Seyah.