Friday, 13 December 2013

Last day of the Year- Secret Santa

Thanks to all the students who have contributed to this blog and those who have viewed and commented. Year 8s I wish you the best of luck for next year. Year 7s I will see you next year! Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Thursday, 5 December 2013

Scaffolding Maths Challenge

In maths today we had a new type of maths challenge, we had to do some practical building involving strength and structure. It was the scaffolding maths challenge, each group had 100 straws to build a scaffold that was 50cm high and could hold a cup of water. The group's scaffold that could take the most water was the winner, we had about 1 hour to create our structure. After lots of hard work and construction the time limit was up and it was testing time. 2 groups failed to make the height requirement and 1 failed to hold the water. The winning group held 250mls of water which was quite a lead over second place which held 220mls.

Wednesday, 4 December 2013

100wc Week 14 Emma

...and then the noise stopped....

My heart was pounding against the walls of its cage. It was pitch black. It was like I was in a black hole, a torturous black hole. The noise started again. Click, click, click, the only thing I could picture was a horrifying monster, a flesh eating beast. Sweat was pouring out of me. A long talon brushed against my damp shirt. I could feel a hot breath against my neck. A slimy wet nose tickled my feet. My heart skipped beats. Sharp teeth sank into my neck. Thick warm blood trickled down my pale skin. My eyelids fluttered shut.

100wc week 14 sarah

And then the noise stopped. It was still a curious noise. Because it stopped it meant that I have no chance of finding out what it was unless it started again. Which of course was very unlikely as I was in the middle of a deserted desert. But if the desert was deserted then what was that noise? Does it mean I’m going crazy or does it mean this is not deserted! What else is here lurking in this desert. Is it dangerous or harmless? Is it in danger itself. should I go help it? Of course I should! But what if it is dangerous?

100 WC week 14

And then the noise stopped, I turned around but in the darkness nothing was to be seen.  I continued running the noise started again getting closer and louder and more terrifying, I turned around again but still there was nothing in the cold dark night.  Every time I concentrate the noise stops.  So I continue to run until I got so light headed that I couldn't think, I collapsed looking upwards the blue moon was at it’s brightest, something was behind me, I could hear it and feel it’s cold breath on my shoulder, I shivered in the moonlight and then I saw it...

100wc week 14 - Megan

… and then the noise stopped…
I couldn't hear anything. There were no screaming kids out on the street. There were no birds chirping. There was dead silence. I pulled back the curtains to see what was happening. Everything was frozen. The cars had stopped moving. The people walking their dogs just froze. It felt like the whole world had been muted. I ran out of the door and found a remote on the door step. The remote only had one big red button. I carefully picked it up. I didn't know if I should push it or not, but I did and everything changed.