Friday, 31 October 2014

Today was the culmination of 3 weeks' work on probability.
Each student started with an asTTle test on Probability and then they identified their learning pathways. Students signed up for workshops with teachers.
When they were not part of a workshop students worked in groups from across the area to design a game for a Probability Fair. As well as designing the game they had to calculate the probability of customers winning and how much money that probability would make for them.
Today was Fair Day. Each group started with $10 and each person had $5 to spend! The winning group made a profit of $39 - well done Jamie's group! The best individuals won $12.

Friday, 19 September 2014

New bins in area 5

Today in area 5 we got a look at the new bins that are going to be put in area 5!!! We were talked to by Christien from waste wise about why it is important to use the bins in the right way. She told us that Auckland fills up a Rugby pitch each week with rubbish that is going to the land fill. She also said that if recycling in a truck was contaminated by even just 17% then the whole lot has to get put into landfill.

Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Marshmallow challenge

Today we started working in our new learning inquiry teams. To build some team skills we competed in the marshmallow challenge. The challenge was to build the tallest free standing tower from 10 pieces of spaghetti, 1 marshmallow, 30cm of string and 30cm of tape. We only had 20minutes.

The tallest tower was 80cm tall. 

Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Bailey, Emma, Megan, Lucy

When we first placed the food colouring in the milk, it stayed as a blob. When we added a drop of soap from the toothpick it spread out and were pushed towards the edges of the bowl.We noticed that after the colours began to spread out, gradually the came back in.Once we put the dishwashing liquid in, there was a delayed reaction before the colours began to expand.

Science Experiment

How does it work? What makes the food colouring in the milk move? We think that the way it works is that the chemicals in the dish washing liquid reacted with the food colouring chemicals.

Can you relate this to something in your everyday life? This relates to everyday life because it’s like when you do the dishes, when you put the dishwashing liquid into the water the chemicals react and make bubbles.


How could you build on this experiment to make it an interesting science fair topic? You could test it on even more colours and see which one moves the most. You could also try it with different amounts of dishwashing liquid.


Science Experiment Lupo, Rayan, Davin, Josh

When we added soap to the food colors in the milk the colors started to pulse outwards. After 30 seconds the colors expanded then closed in.

When we added the soap closer to the food coloring the area in which it expanded grew a lot larger and the pulsing was bigger and seemed to last longer.

Other things we noticed during this experiment where: The colors blended forming other colors such as purple, When we added the food coloring the circles grew slightly bigger and faded around the sides and sometimes little bubbles would form and float across the top of the milk.

What makes the food coloring move?

We think that it is the chemicals in the soap cause a reaction and the food coloring spread out across the milk, before the food coloring stopped pulsing it spread then compressed.

Can this relate to everyday life?

We cant think of anything in everyday life that involves this science experiment

How can we turn this into a science fair experiment? 

To turn this into a science fair experiment we can test what food coloring expands the most and the differences between each of the colors when oil is added.

Science: Milk and food colouring

When we first added the food coloring to the milk the food colouring spread a little but not enough to notice. When we added the dish washing liquid the food colouring spread throughout the milk and moved in a motion. The more dish washing liquid we added the more  it would ripple. The closer we put the dish washing liquid the faster the dish washing liquid would react to the food colouring forcing it to move faster. We have seen a variety of colours being mixed together forming other colours. There is a chemical reaction that causes the colours to move. This relates to our every day life as we use dish washing liquid to remove grease from pans. To make this an interesting science fair we could use different milks like soy milk and others to see if we get the same reaction.

Milk and food colouring experiment

. what happens to the food colouring when you first put it in the milk?
It was first a small dot and then little bust of colour popped up from under the surface of the milk.
. Why do you think that is?
The milk might have a reaction to the chemicals in the food colouring.

2. Get ready to watch what happens! Very carefully dip a tooth pick in the dish soap so that a small drop of soap remains on the end of the tooth pick, then touch a drop to the surface of the milk. Be careful not to add the soap directly on top of the food colouring.


. what happens when you add the drop of soap?
It moves the food colouring.

3. Once the colours have stopped moving add another drop of soap to the tip of the tooth pick and try it again. Experiment with placing the dish soap at different places in the milk.

.what happens when you add the extra soap?
we placed the extra soap near the blue and at first it didn't move but then all of a sudden it moved. As soon as it stopped moving big bursts of red colour kept spurting up from underneath the milk.
. what if you add it closer to the food colouring?
It didn't move for a while and then it started to move later.
.what else have you seen during this experiment?
The red almost completely dissapered. And after siting for a while it was all still on the surfae of the milk.

Sarah, Shannie, Sophie and Emma.W

Alex, Lucas, Janakan and Reanna

The food colouring mixed together. We think that it mixes because of the different ingredients reacting.

When we added the dish washing liquid  the colour spread out to the edges of the bowl away from the dish washing liquid.

when we added the extra soap the food colouring drew back to the edge of the bowl, far away from the dish washing liquid.

It would make the colour repel back to the edge.

We saw the milk change colour when 2 colours mixed together.

The dish washing liquid makes the colours move away from the drop.

when rain drops into a puddle the edges of the puddle move away from where the rain drop landed.

You could make it into a science fair experiment by testing to see what makes the food colouring move away from the dish washing liquid.

When the dish washing liquid was in the milk the food colouring reacted to it and that is what made the colour move around the surface of the

Emily, Anna, Joy and Tyler's experiment report!

When the food colouring was first dripped onto the milk, it floated as a dot of colour.
Because the food colouring is less dense than the milk surrounding it,  it floats in the position where it was applied.
The coloured milk is repelled to the edge of the bowl when the first of the soap was dropped.
 This is what too much soap looks like. We found out that more soap will create bubbles which will continuously feed in colour. However, without bubbles, the milk will still swirl and mix into each other.
If the soap is applied close to the food dye, it pushes the milk into the area of colour, creating a different shape.

Food Colouring milk experiment (JJXA)

Question 1 Picture 1
When we first put the food dye in, it all expands and mixes colors. We think this because the food coloring sits on top of the milk. Also it slowly started spreading.
Question 2 Picture 2

When we added a drop of soap the colors moved away  from the soap and combined to create a strong color mix

Question 3 Picture 3

When we added a some more soap it combined a lot and also pushed every color extremely strong gravitational pull.

If you added the dishwasher liquid closer to the food coloring the food coloring would slowly seperate.
We have seen during this experiment that when you add the when you add more dishwashing liquid the food coloring expands more

Friday, 13 June 2014

Matthews 100wc

In the compact world of the small people, it was easter everyone was so excited then all of a sudden there was raging storm clouds rolling into the city then the rain and thunder started, the crackling lightning was flashing all over the cit, the parade was cancelled because of the risk of lightning hitting the high floats, then as soon as the clouds came in they went away and the day was back. All the children were happy and were gathering every easter egg they could find...

Joshua's 100WC

Easter in mini land and people were hiding eggs everywhere and there was also the biggest Easter egg in the world but somehow a humongous tornado appeared everyone ran inside. Thunder heard from miles away, lightning flashed. Eggs flew everywhere smashing into windows. The storm went on for 10 minutes but the tornado only lasted for a short time. After the storm finished everyone went outside to see the carnage. Every egg was destroyed but what everyone was looking at was the giant Easter egg, cleaners came to transport the egg and cleaned up the rest of the mess then everyone left and that was the end of that Easter.

Alex H's 100wc

Reported sightings of a gigantic creme egg falling from the sky in the vicinity of Mission Bay and Orakei, Auckland have been received by this news station since 1:00pm this afternoon. A reporter was sent to the scene, and this is what they had to report. "The massive egg has landed in the middle of the road. A construction crew have been called to the site. They have isolated the spillage and are presently waiting for a heavy duty crane to remove the egg. They have asked people to stay back behind the cones. Clean up will commence shortly afterward."

Baileys 100wc

The moons glistening reflection gleamed in the stilled lake water. Each year, on April 4th a ghastly spirit would lurk around Black manor’s grounds. I watched as the shadow began to clamber up the dim ivy walls attached with a minute woven basket with grenade like substances inside. It effortlessly dangled upon the concealed walls until its ovoid belongings slipped out of its tiny hands. The basket began to plummet towards the earth and the contents inside trickled out. Hurriedly I raced to examine its deadly weapons only to discover a thick,sticky liquid coated by a thin chocolate shell.

Rayan's 100 Word Challenge

It was a Saturday afternoon I was rummaging through my jam packed fridge looking for something to eat I had just woke up and i was starving, then it just hit me last night my mum got me something. I started to wonder where it was. It was 20 minutes that i had been looking for it and i just gave up, so i went out too my front porch and slumped down in my chair and then something scared the living crap out of me it was the egg but it was just 200 times bigger, I just glared at it.

Ben's 100 Wc

100 wc week 36

On a normal day three constructions workers had a very odd job.  They had to clean up an oversized chocolate egg because an oversized chicken was laying the egg and the egg fell down to the sand. What a mess! Luckily no one was hurt and the construction team shut down the site to clean up. The egg was getting cleaned up and removed the egg was lifted by a crane because the egg was too big for a truck, the crane lifted then took the egg away.

Thursday, 12 June 2014

emily 100 wc

I was just playing with my friends until the FBI showed up, they had told us that there is a massive chocolate egg plummeting towards the earth and that only happens once every decade.  He warned us that around about 2:48am there will be an immense shock that may feel like an earthquake but really it will just be the egg, this is top secret information said the man with the shaded sunglasses, so we cant see his true identity. the whole neighbourhood sat outside until 2:48am SPLAT, chocolate goes everywhere and the FBI where on the seen.

Week 6

In the middle of a giant dessert the world’s largest Easter egg was being transported, by giant flying banana airship. When out of nowhere a chocolate rain storm formed. The storm didn't seem so bad at first but then they saw an icing sugar tornado. The tornado sucked in the giant banana, and the Easter egg went flying overboard. The banana went spiraling out of control, and hit a white chocolate cliff and exploded. The Easter egg was hurtling towards the ground. When the egg hit the floor it exploded, caramel went everywhere.

Lewis' Hundred Word Challenge.

The construction workers were moving the giant chocolate egg with their crane. The egg was being moved to the art museum where it would be presented to the public. The crane was making weird squeaky sounds, the crane couldn't handle the weight of the giant egg it snapped the egg plummeted and hit the ground and cracked open. The top of the egg had snapped off and the delicious insides flowed out onto the ground. The construction workers rushed and got a more powerful crane and maneuvered it into place, even though it was broken it would have to do.

Wednesday, 11 June 2014

100 WC Week 34

A chocolate egg instantaneously fell from the sky. It was like the egg was on the Fear Fall at Rainbows End. As the egg reached the ground the chocolate shattered into a million pieces. The  men were so fascinated they ran up to the egg. They began to  scrutinize the egg closely. One of the men mentioned that the insides of the egg looked kind of creamy and the other two assented his idea. They sat next to the egg for hours and hours and then decided to call the egg a cream egg.  That is how the delectable cream eggs originated.

Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Seyahs 100wc

On a calm Sunday morning the three miniature brothers awoke to a miraculous sight. The blonde headed brothers rushed towards their aged window, to find mysterious food descending from their irresistible sky. “ I knew this was gonna happen sometime!” explained the scientific brother. The nerdy brother walked slowly towards their rustic door to investigate this mysterious situation. As they paraded outside, a large chocolate egg was awaiting their arrival. They changed as fast as a lightning bolt into their safety gear and warned the town of this danger. After identify this extraordinary item they looked back on their magical day.

Monday, 9 June 2014

Chinese Paper Cutting

Here are the results of our Chinese paper cutting today in Mandarin. It was very fiddly at times and some of us got better results than others! We will be finishing them for homework.