Friday, 28 February 2014

Genius Hour

Friday afternoons is Genius Hour. We spend 1 hour on a topic that we feel passionate about or would like to learn about.
Here are our ideas for Term 1:

Reanna: Photography- I want to be a photographer and I love taking photos of nature.
Lucy: Photography- I like taking pictures of people.
Alex V: Gran Turismo- I am a big fan of it and want to know more.
Rayan: Design an app- it had been something I have wanted and want to learn how to do it.
Gill: Architecture- I want to be an architect when I grow older and this will help me prepare for that.
Anna: How to be a DJ - I love music!
Emily: How to design a modern home and how to get inspiration- I have always been fascinated about being an architect 
James: Gaming- I am really into it. I am going to make a game to show aspects of how to make a game.
Cory: Formula 1 cars- looking at how they have changed. My dad took part in a rally and that got me interested.
Davin: Sport- designing own game. I love sport and would love to play a game I have designed.
Xiao Min: Chocolate- I love eating chocolate and want to know more about its history.
Janakan: Making a  computer game that teaches about space- I love playing games
Shannie: History of NZ- I love learning about history.
Jack- Trampolining- I have my own trampoline.
Alex H: History of the Ferrari- I love cars they produce.
Sophie: Painting- watercolours- I have a huge art table in my room and I love painting in my own time.
Lewis: Car design- I am interested in how they are designed and how long it takes.
Lucas: Tennis, cricket etc- all sports I play, research of the history
Seyah: Fashion designers- I have a passion for fashion
Emma H: professional photography- I have always wanted to learn how to take good pictures.
Bailey: Nail art- I have seen some great nail art.
Matthew: World of Warcraft- something I spend a lot of time.
Luke: rock climbing and roof climbing- have been climbing for a year and it is my next step. Would love to climb Everest.
Sarah: netball- It might make me a better player!
Megan: Dance- I spend every day of the week dancing!
Emma W: Hockey - I love playing and want to teach others.

100 wc

I wake up from my heavy sleep and see an old man sitting on the end of my bed smiling at me with his crooked, rotten teeth, we have a starring competition for 2 minutes but he stands up and starts pushing through the earth, today I am going to the zoo and I can't wait to see all of the animals.  I arrive at the zoo with my friend Bethany and there is the old man, everyone says that he is the old zoo keeper and when he says "have fun with the night zoo keeper" then something bad happens, but no one knows.

Thursday, 27 February 2014


...Pushing through the earth after being rocketed into to the ground by being fired from a cannon at cheerleading practice. That did not go well and now I have no idea where I am and no idea how I’m going to get back home. I’m about to break through the earth and find where I have surfaced. I’ve surfaced, I’ve made it, I’m as dirty as a pig after rolling in mud. Well there goes my spot on the team. I seem to be somewhere in the middle of nowhere and there is absolutely no one around, how do I get home!


Her heart’s slowing down rapidly. Every second is a stabbing pain. I do not see my daughter in front of me but a complete stranger lying in her place. Her body is just a grey pile of skin and bones with a pair of paralyzed eyes. I have almost forgotten the day when her eyes sparkled as she danced in the grass. The doctor gives me an apologetic look and my eyes swell up with tears.  I just imagine her small body pushing through the earth as we sprinkle flowers and say our final goodbyes. I kneel down to her side.

“I love you”

Wednesday, 26 February 2014

100wc challenge

Pushing through the earth, an earth that I’ve discovered that is unknown to others. I examine the mysterious world that I’ve come upon. My vision is slowly deteriorating as the vibrant light shines towards me. The soles of my feet tingle as they touch unfamiliar objects. I stumble upon a gorgeous forest which is covered in enormous pine trees. I began imitating a Wolf as my voice echoes through the fascinating forest.

Happiness has been brought to me I think, then I wake up.

Friday, 14 February 2014

Astronaut Akihiko Hoshide

Today we were lucky enough to be able to take part in a live Google Hangout. This meant listening in to a live presentation by a Japanese astronaut who spent 3 months on the InternTional Space Station.

Here are some things we found out:

  • They use exercise machines to keep their muscles strong and have to be strapped down.

  • They cleaned themselves without water but just a special soap and shampoo.

  • It takes only 6 hours to reach the ISS. 2 years ago it took 2days.

  • They are experimenting with growing crops in space.

  • Things like toothbrushes have to be adapted to zero gravity.

  • There was a whole variety of cultural foods.

Here is Luke asking the question: 'How did you adjust to gravity back on Earth?"

Emma W's Magic Box Poem

My Magic Box

Anna's Magic Box Poem

Sophie's Magic Box Poem

Lucy's Magic Box

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Thursday, 13 February 2014
This is my glogster for my Magic Box Poem

Rayan's Magic Box

This QR code will take you to my Glogster page
Hope you enjoy :)

Joy's Magic Box.

I presented my poem on Glogster, so click here to view it.
Hope you enjoy it!

Luke's Magic box

Cory's Magic Box Poem

Xiao Min's Magic Box Poem

Janakan's Magic Box

I used Google sites to present my poem. Click here to go to the website.
By Janakan

Lewis' magic box

Lewis' QR code. This QR code will take you to my online book.

Alex H's Magic Box Poem

Bailey's Magic Box

The Magic Box. By James

I mostly based this poem of more of a nature style, As a line says: a cave full of pointy, icy and cracked stalagmites.

Magic Box - Davin

This is my cool magic box poem.

My Magic Box - By Seyah

My Magic Box - By Emma H

Friday, 7 February 2014

Class Treaty

Yesterday was Waitangi Day commemorating the signing of New Zealand's founding document - The Treaty of Waitangi. Today we discussed what a treaty was and then wrote our own for the class. We had to think about what we as students would agree to and what the teacher should agree to.

Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Area 5 looking bare!

Area 5 is being transformed into a Modern Learning Environment (MLE). Work started in the holidays but will take another 7 weeks to complete.
Here's how it's looking today