Monday, 31 March 2014

Mars one project by Seyah,Emma,Joy and Bailey

This is the link to our presentation.

We hope you enjoy!

Anna,shannie and sophie mars one link

Mars one project by Anna,Shannie and Sophie
Rayan, Cory and Lucas mars one project

This is our groups Mars One project in our group was Lewis, Luke and Josh. To view this click here.

Gill, Xiaomin, Lucy and Reanna's Mars One House

This is Xiaomin, Lucy, Gill, and Reanna's Mars House

We did this house on the app Room Planner, on Gill's iPad. This is a four bedroom house, which has also got a gym and a green room for planting crops, veggies, and oxygen. The house is made of Carbon Fiber, and is very roomy, for everyone.

Click on this hyperlink to see a PDF of our Mars House, and the labels
Tyler, Ben and Lupo "Move to Mars"

Mars One Project by Janakan Alex and Matthew

We have designed a environment for 4 humans to inhabit Mars. We have designed a food farm, animal farm, a water tank, oxygen tank and a house to provide all their needs. Click here to go to the document.

Mars One By James, Alex, Jack & Davin

Mars One By James, Alex, Jack & Davin

Friday, 21 March 2014

100 Word Challenge Week 26

“Keep on going Alex” said General Para as we waded through the icky mud towards the little log cabin in the distance. When we finally got out of the smelly brown mud we strolled into the creaky old cabin. The walls were covered in graffiti and there was rotting wood floorboards.

I was gazing at the walls when General Para said “Look up! Can you see the message?” I looked up and I was shocked to see “I have you know strangers!!” Right at that moment I fell through the rotted floorboards and and I was knocked out by the toxic gas down below.

Jack's 100 word challenge week 26


I am 6 and I was in my bath all alone. except my rubber ducky of course. when suddenly two great big brown blobs blobbed towards us. We did not know where they came from all that we knew was they were not friendly.
just then I got an idea, I could slip away from them than run. That's what I did I grabbed my ducky and quickly slipped to the side. I got out, luckily but look up suddenly can you see one of the blobs were jumping with us. I quickly pulled the plug and they slipped down the mystical and mysterious dark , dirty, hole


Davin's 100 WC Week 26

Once upon a time there lived a boy called Sam and a girl called Lizzie. One day they were outside lying on their backs looking at the clouds. ‘’Wow can you see that train ‘’ Said Sam.’’yes “ Said lizzie can you see that horse’’said Lizzie ‘’yes‘’ said sam .But as soon as they were just about to fall asleep the rain poured down on them so they ran inside. The rain didn’t stop for days. But when the rain stopped they ran outside sam looked up.‘’look up! what can you see’’said sam. ‘’A Demon’’said Lizzie.And in one second they were swept up and never seen again.

By Davin.

100 Word Challenge Week 26

It was a dark gloomy night. No one outside but suddenly the alarms of the bank went off. In the blink of an eye the police came and all of the officers jumped out of their cars. They ran in to the bank and checked everywhere, but there was nothing. No money, nothing at all. Suddenly an officer shouted look up! Can you see the thieves are up on the roof.The thieves started running on the roof tops, the police started chasing them but the thieves were too fast and found a hide out and that was the last we saw of them.

By Lucas   

Thursday, 20 March 2014

100 Word Challenge Week 26

We were walking through the vibrant forest looking around for a bird that has never been seen before. The forest was full of mossy branches and beautiful species of birds and animals. But none of these were what we were looking for. As we saw the sun starting to go down we picked up the pace, But suddenly we heard this weird chirping noise. I looked in my bird book and found that that specific noise wasn't a normal bird.
They looked around and i said “look up can you see!” It was the ultra rare majestic yellow chested blompy!

By James

Friday, 14 March 2014

100 Word Challenge Week #25

100 Word Challenge Week #25

Sophie giggled to her friends, “Should I?” “Yes!” her friends yelled. Sophie walked up to Betty, who was sitting alone. “Do you have any lunch?” asked Sophie. Betty shook her head. “Oh, do you want this?” Sophie held out a box. “Thanks,” Betty gave a little smile. Sophie ran off to hide, peering at Betty. “I just can’t wait until she opens the box and see what’s inside!!!” exclaimed Sophie. Betty was starving. But when she lifted the lid.... she saw what was in the box. She knew Sophie had purposely put a spider  in. So she gave it back.

100 words

Thursday, 13 March 2014

100 Word Challenge EW

February 17 3014 (or 2014), I'm Alice. I am in a attic ,alone. I’ve Been here for six months. I’ve had no food, blankets or water for 6 months. I was at school, it was recess and I was playing zorg zip bug with Rachel and Casey when suddenly a trashcan started to shake so we went to see what was going on. Then we heard a voice inside the trashcan saying “help", Rachel slowly walked over and said “I’ll lift up the lid” but when she lifted up the lid in the blink of a second I landed here.

Davin's Day and Night Explanation

Gill's 100wc Week 25

"Happy Birthday to you! Happy birthday to you! Happy Birthday to Reanna! Happy birthday to you!" Sang a happy group of party guests as they sang at Reanna's 7th Birthday. "Thank you!" Reanna blew her candles out and cut the cake. She then ran to her table full of presents. She picked up her first one from her friend Lucy. She ripped open the wrapper. There was a box inside. But when she opened the lid of the box, she was blinded by the light of a dazzling diamond crystal. "Wow!" exclaimed Reanna. She picked it up and accidentally dropped it onto the ground. "Uhhhhh Oopsie".

By Gill

Xiaomin's 100WC Week 25

Down in the woods there lived a sweet little girl, her name was Emma. One night Emma had someone knocking at her door; she tip toed to the door and gently opened it. She found a little package just sitting there; she picked it up but when she lifted the lid… out jumped a rabbit. It had fluffy ears and a tiny nose she decided to name it Rosy. Sometimes Emma would water the garden and Rosy would always follow her.One night Rosy ran away, Emma was really upset she tried to find Rosy but she just couldn't….

Sophie's 100 WC #25

The robbery  

Once there was a girl that lived in the city she was five years old and loved girl scout biscuits. She always asked if she could have some she ran to the jar but when she lifted the lid it was empty she cried, then she heard her dad shouting she went to him he said that the TV was gone, then her mum was mumbling they came to her Diamond wedding ring was no where to be seen they called the cops immediately they knew who stole it was the mystery maker they know where he lives, the black house door they shooted down the door and put him in jail.

Lucy's 100wc

100 word challenge

The girl walked along the remains of the old house that had been burnt down. She asked a firefighter if there was anything suspicious in the house. He explained that there was an old jar that belonged to a little boy who lived there. She thought it might be marbles. But when she lifted the lid... She found $500! That must have been his savings. She closed the lid and walked out. She didn't want anyone to take the savings so she took them home and hid them. She forgot about the savings and went on with her daily life.

100 words
By Lucy

Monday, 10 March 2014

Lupo's Tides Information

Shannie's Explanation

Sarah's tides explanation

Gill's Tides Explanation

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what cause day and night by Anna H

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Luke's explanation

Xiaomin's Tide Explanation


Te Reo- Poi & Ti Rakau

This week the girls made poi and the boys made Ti Rakau . These will be used for games and waists.
The girls pretty much finished. The boys need more time after taking great care over their patterns.

Emma's Explanation - What would happen if we had no moon?

Joy's Explanation - What would happen if there was no moon?

How does day and night occur? by Ben

How does day and night occur?

Day and night are caused by the rotation of the earth, which creates 12 hours of day and 12 hours of night. During rotation, the earth makes a complete turn on its axis, which makes the sun to shine on one half, while the other half will have no light. As it continues to go round the axis, causing day and night.

The earth axis is actually tilted. So, at certain times of the year, countries in the northern hemisphere will be exposed to the sun longer than the countries in the southern hemisphere. Then as the earth approaches will now have more hours under the sun because it is slanted at a 23.5 degree angle. Unlike how we see it on earth the sun actually stay at the same spot the earth rotates from east to west for rising and setting

One hemisphere points toward the sun as the other points away. The hemisphere that points toward the sun is warmer and gets more lighter its summer there, and in the other hemisphere it's winter. This effect is less dramatic near the equator than at the poles, since the equator receives about the same amount of sunlight all year. The poles, on the other hand, receive no sunlight at all during their winter month.

During the night, we cannot see the sun but the earth is still spinning on its axis this means that the stars appear to move from east to west, just as the sun does in the day.

Day and night is important to us because if we didn't have day and night that would mean the earth would not be rotating and sunlight would only be focused on one point so half of the earth would be killed from the cold while the others in the heat.

Why do we have day and night

Friday, 7 March 2014

Lewis' Day and Night Explanation

My explanation on how tides work

My explanation

Joshua 100WC Week 24

100 Word Challenge

There were once three fat little pigs that were trained assassins and they were addicted to bacon. The pigs were really dumb (but very good at karate) that they didn’t know the bacon was pig. Years went past and the pigs became fatter and fatter and looked like gumballs. The pigs were fired from their job because they were too fat to move around and lift their leg to kick someone and their stubby little arms couldn’t move. Another year later their mum told them that bacon was actually PIG:0 the pigs went rage and blew up, bacon went everywhere.
What causes motion in the ocean?

Swimming, water skiing, surfing, fishing, these are all water related activities. Before you do these activities you need to check the tides. But what makes the tides go in and out? 

Tides are rises and falls of large bodies of water. Tides are caused by the gravitational interaction between the Earth and the Moon. The gravitational pull of the moon causes the oceans to bulge out in the direction of the moon. Since the Earth is also being pulled toward the moon, the water on the other side goes the opposite direction. Since the earth is rotating while this is happening, two tides occur each day.

Spring tides are especially strong tides. They occur when the Earth, the Sun, and the Moon are in a line. The gravitational pulls of the Moon and the Sun both do things to the tides. Spring tides occur during the full moon and the new moon.

High tides are also called king tides, and happen when the moon is pulling the water towards it, and low tides are when the moon is pushing the water away from it. King tides are another term for especially high tides. 
•Occur naturally and regularly
•Are predictable and expected
•Are not a everyday experience

Overall tides are a very big part of our everyday lives. They play a big part in making this world flow properly. Without tides the water would be still and there would be no surfing, water skiing, or fishing, because these activities all need tides.

By Lucy

Matthew 100WC Week 24

100 word challenge

Once upon a time there were 3 little pigs that lived in an old and creaky house with their mother, their mother said “ why don’t you guys go get your own home and live by yourself?” A week later they were living in a secret base underground there were the U.S.A spies for the government. When they were settled in they had a message from the U.S government, the sergeant said “three little pigs, we need you to go into war with the Ninja wolfs We depend on you! The pigs packed their things...

Bailey's Explanation

What are the reasons for the seasons?

What are the reasons for the seasons?

The seasons that we have are summer, winter, spring and autumn. Seasons control the weather we have.

Earth orbits around the sun every 365¼ days. Every four years we have a leap year that consists of 366 days. With the earth orbiting around the sun it helps produce, what we call, seasons.

Theories are made that earth is tilted on its axis due to several years ago when a meteor hit earth. This resulted to a tilt on its imaginary line (axis). Earth is tilted on 23.5 degrees. Because of the tilt made, we have seasons.

The earths tilt creates different seasons. The seasons occur by the sun. Because New Zealand is near the bottom of earth, it doesn’t get too hot. Whereas other countries becoming scorching hot. Even though we turn every day, earth still stays in the suns orbit because of the sun’s gravity.

If it wasn’t for the seasons, life on Earth would be tough.

By: Reanna

100 WC week 24

100 word challenge

Once upon a time there was a girl called Rapunzel. She was locked in an old bricked tower, she stayed there for a very long time so one day she wanted to escape. All the time she stayed in the tower her hair grew longer and longer she smashed the window with her elbow and hooked her hair on the bell on top of her head. She jumped, the hair unhooked, she was falling and falling with the bell just inches above her body splat whet her body with the bell Rapunzel was dead.

from Ben

Alex's tides explanation

Lewis' 100 Word Challenge WK 24

Rumpelstiltskin was an evil little man he would help people and then kidnapped their babies and didn't give them back until the mother could guess his name. When this happened to one unfortunate mother she was mad she was real mad like the sort of mad you get when you’re friend breaks you’re Xbox and then laughs mad. I mean she was turning red it was scary. That night Rumpelstiltskin came with the baby so the mother could try guess his unusual name, she got it wrong but she wanted her baby she pulled out her gun and shot him. He fell down dead.

100 WC week 24

There once was there was 3 little pigs one built his house out of straw the next one built his house out of sticks and the last one built his out of bricks. Then one day the big bad wolf came to the straw house and walked through the wall and ate the pig. He then did the same to the stick house. He came to the brick house he walk through the door. He saw the pig sitting on a chair with a flamethrower. The pig pulled the trigger the house erupted in white flames.

By Luke

Seyahs Explanation

How do Seasons Work?

­­­­­How do Seasons work?

The seasons are marked with a particular weather pattern, there are 4 seasons summer, winter, autumn and spring. Each of them are 3 months.
Earth’s orbit around the sun creates the seasons. One full orbit around the sun is 3651/4 days, as a result of the earth taking one quarter more of a day this makes it that every 4 years we have a leap year. A leap year adds one more day in the year that day is on February 29th.

Earth is tilted 23.5o on its axis. Some people say that this happens because in the early times there were lots of rocks in space so one big one might have hit the earth and shifted it of its axis. Some people also think that the rock that hit the earth made the moon. Overtime lots of small rocks have hit the moon and created all the craters and holes. Of course none of this is proved and it is all theoretical.

The earths tilt creates the seasons. When the sun is pointing directly at one hemisphere of the earth it creates summer. Other seasons are created when the sun is pointing to other points of the earth. At the North and South Pole there is only 2 season’s, summer and winter, In Summer time the sun never sets and in winter the sun never rises, this is due to the earths tilt.

If seasons didn’t exist the earth would not be the way it is today. According to Don Attwood, an ecological anthropologist at McGill University in Montreal, “humans would probably never have advanced past a state of living in small, scattered settlements, scrounging for survival and often dying of horrific insect-borne diseases”.  




How do Seasons Occur?

This is an explanation about how seasons Occur

Alex H's 100 wc Week 24

Once upon a time in the woods near the witches house Hansel and Gretel were wondering around the woods completely lost were trying to get back to their house when suddenly Gretel’s phone vibrated. Great, know we don’t know how to get back home and my phones run out of battery. I know, if we retrace our footsteps then maybe we can get back home. That’s a brilliant idea. Several hours later… where are we? Look I think that is our house. Quickly! As they sprinted back to their house they sighed with relief and walking back inside happily.

100 WC The 3 little pigs summery By Janakan

100 WC
Once upon a time there were 3 pigs. They were going to leave their mother and live by themselves. They were all going to make houses. The first pig was lazy and made a house out of straw.  The second pig used sticks and the third pig used bricks. One day a bad wolf came to eat the pigs. He asked the first and second pigs to let him in but they disagreed. The wolf blew their houses down but the 2 pigs ran to their brother’s brick house. The wolf couldn’t do anything to it. They were safe.

By Janakan

Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Rayan 100 Word Challenge Week #24 Change The Story

Once upon a time there was a boy and a girl named Hansel and Gretel they lived with their father and their stepmom. One day the stepmother said “we need to get rid of the kids, they are costing too much to take care of”. So the next day the father took them far from home and left them at a shopping mall, the kids were very scared so they went to their mall security guard and asked him to call their father, so the father answered the phone and he had to go pick his kids up.