Friday, 21 March 2014

100 Word Challenge Week 26

“Keep on going Alex” said General Para as we waded through the icky mud towards the little log cabin in the distance. When we finally got out of the smelly brown mud we strolled into the creaky old cabin. The walls were covered in graffiti and there was rotting wood floorboards.

I was gazing at the walls when General Para said “Look up! Can you see the message?” I looked up and I was shocked to see “I have you know strangers!!” Right at that moment I fell through the rotted floorboards and and I was knocked out by the toxic gas down below.


  1. Nice work,Alex. You used detailed descriptions and original ideas to put a clear picture in the reader's head. Sentence fluency makes your story smooth, engaging and enjoyable to read. I was captivated by your ideas, and the ending made me wonder what would happen next. Very creative!