Friday, 7 March 2014

What are the reasons for the seasons?

What are the reasons for the seasons?

The seasons that we have are summer, winter, spring and autumn. Seasons control the weather we have.

Earth orbits around the sun every 365¼ days. Every four years we have a leap year that consists of 366 days. With the earth orbiting around the sun it helps produce, what we call, seasons.

Theories are made that earth is tilted on its axis due to several years ago when a meteor hit earth. This resulted to a tilt on its imaginary line (axis). Earth is tilted on 23.5 degrees. Because of the tilt made, we have seasons.

The earths tilt creates different seasons. The seasons occur by the sun. Because New Zealand is near the bottom of earth, it doesn’t get too hot. Whereas other countries becoming scorching hot. Even though we turn every day, earth still stays in the suns orbit because of the sun’s gravity.

If it wasn’t for the seasons, life on Earth would be tough.

By: Reanna

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  1. Reanna, your title shows your topic clearly. Your diagram helped your explanation. Your paragraphs began to flow together well but that last paragraph became very confused and needed to be clearer. You made good use of causal connectives.