Thursday, 17 April 2014


Gun shots,
Fill the air,
Soldiers just lay there
injured and waiting for help.
People just want to go home
That is what all of them moan
They hope that they see their family again.

The tears in their eyes they try to hide,
they have sorrow behind the bullet that they have shot.
The soldiers feel guilty when they unfortunately have ended someones life.
But its one step closer to going back home once more.

Sarah's Anzac poem

Arriving at Gallipoli  and stepping off the boat
the first gunshots rang out over the seas
the enemy firing at our ally
the war had started

The seas were then calm
but one scream rang out
pained and high pitched
one man down
just one
not a big difference
but to his family a huge loss
one they shall mourn forever

The enemy were silent
we marched on into the sun
to dig out our trenches
to met up with our partners
and to prepare for battle

The shots came fast
almost one hundred
all in a row all at once
each took down a man

Yet the battle must go on

Joshua's ANZAC poem

Some people say it was going to be an adventure,
signed up for an adventure,
peoples duty for their country,
some lying about their age,
but that was a mistake for some people,
trenches like swamps,
people dying for their country New Zealand, Australia,
bodies everywhere,



Corpses everywhere   
Machine guns firing
Majestic battle cries everywhere

Luke's ANZAC poem

Artillery fire raining down rats scurrying past. The young men praying for their lives. Blood, sweat, mud and tears fill the trenches. Screams snaking through the air. Young men signing up to join the war thinking it was going to be an adventure, thought it be cool to have a sense of duty. Then they had to run towards the enemy lines. 50 men running towards the enemy lines one after the other falling. I stood up to the front of the trench the whistle blew I ran. Everyone around me is falling to the ground then suddenly I felt pain and I fell to the ground. Everything was cold.

Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Bailey's Anzac Poem

Clothes torn and sticky from a mixture of blood and sweat,
Soldiers screaming in agonizing pain.
Lifeless bodies lying on the grey pebbles covered with blood and flesh,
Guns being fired into the bleeding horizon.

Sprinting  towards the crammed beach,
Seeking for wounded soldiers still breathing.
Searching for the first aid kit that’s beyond my reach.
Hurriedly applying bandages to the blood stained soldiers.

Stretchers being carried into the room with immobilized men
Applying medicine to the pale soldiers
Loss of blood causes nurses to send them to peace once again
Nurses distressed from lack of sleep

Swollen eyes and bitten down fingernails from the worried families back at home,
Children screaming for those who have been lost
Women living in rotten houses all alone
Living with frozen souls for eternity

Tears are shed from the children whom have aged
Those who lived wore medallions of gold
Poppies bloom among the soldiers graves,
Yet we shall not forget this day
Lest we forget

Shannie's Anzac poem

                   Remember soldiers that died in the past.

Ben's Anzac poem

Anzac poem

April 25th
Bullets whizzed passed
Ricocheted of mens helmets

Monday, 14 April 2014

Rayan's Anzac Poem

People Fight
Bullets Drifting Past
People Leaving Loved Ones

Image owned by Wikimedia Commons

Lucy's haiku poem


We will remember
The people who fought for us
We will admire them

They showed bravery
And they fought for their country
We will show respect

We will keep in mind
All the brave souls in the war
And we will show love.

By Lucy 5/1

Anzac poem

Awful, terrible  
Shooting, rustling , hiding   
Men at war fighting for life

WW1 poem

Here we lie lifeless and still
In the middle of Flanders fields
Where poppies flow and the sunset glows
Where we forever hold our peace.

We were so free just moments ago
But I put my best foot forward
To try out this quick and lifeless test
For an exciting  but terrifying adventure.

Will you carry on with my quest
And do try your best
As I shall lay here in my rest
Lifeless in this field but so happy and free
If you complete my quest.

Reanna's Anzac Poetry


My name was drawn out of the hat for going to war.
But I still refused to go.
People started calling me a coward and most of all, a conscientious objector.

Conscientious objectors are unpopular
Apparently it’s not fair that fathers and sons go to war and I don’t,
So I had to be a stretcher-bearer.
Even though it wasn’t my choice . . .

Gun fires skim my head
As I peep out of the revolting trenches
All I hear are screams and yelling.
I’m a stretcher-bearer for New Zealand.

I see soldiers from our side
Falling down like flies.
I race to them and pick them up on my stretcher bed.
I see blood dripping down by their leg.

Suddenly my shoulder feels heavy,
I feel dizzy and like I am going to fall down immediately
Then everything around me stops.
I drop down to the ground.

I got shot.
Straight in the shoulder.
My eyes slowly close
The soldiers rush to me 
And bury me carefully in Flanders Field where the poppies blow.

Picture by Ernest Brooks

Janakan's Anzac Poem

Guns, grenades
allies, dead, weapons
enemies, shooting, killing, Soldiers 

Thursday, 10 April 2014

tylers anzac poem


finally the war
is over now it is really 
silent everywhere.

by Tyler p

Davin's ANZAC Poem.


Silence finally
The battlefield is silent
The war is over.

                                         By Davin L

Lucas ANZAC Poem

Bodies on the line
Courageous soldiers dropping
Families crying

By Lucas

Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Seyah's Poem

Honorable soldiers representing their country
Adventurous minds lessening as the days go by
The honored soldiers parading through endless fields of poppies
Regretting ever having a passion for war

The appearance of death not affecting their emotions
Warm salty tears flowing down their face  
Constantly praying to stay stable
Trying to overcome the fear of death

Flanders field bringing nightmares to those who fought
Vulnerable spirits wandering Gallipoli

The soldiers forever and always in our hearts.

Xiaomin's Haiku Poem

Anzac Day
Till this day we know
The soldiers that fought for us,
We will remember.

We will not forget,
The bravery that they share,
They rest in sweet peace.

Every Anzac day
Remember those who lost lives,
and pray for world peace.

Friday, 4 April 2014

Lewis' ANZAC poem

Young men joined the war to go an adventure,
 They had never been out of their town and saw this as their ticket out, 
 They thought they would have fun and make some good friends, 
 It was almost too good to be true. 
 And it was.
 They were scared and cold,
 They were tricked to go to hell! 
 There was death and danger everywhere.
 The enemy were advancing. 
Their friends were perishing everyday and they knew it could happen to them, 
 When the war had ended they went back home. 
 But it wasn't the end for many soldiers panic attacks and nightmares plagued them, 
 We must remember those brave souls that gave their lives for us.


Anzac Poem


Being shipped off to Gallipoli
The wretched feeling of being sent out to war and may not coming back
Grasping the rifle tightly in hands
Five minutes to go
Making prayers
Bracing for impact
The door is down
Machine gun fire left and right
Artillery fire spewing dangerous Shrapnel
Soldiers dying all around
This is my duty
This Is War…

The End
By James

Jack's ANZAC poem




Shooting,cover fire

People dying wifes crying