Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Bailey's Anzac Poem

Clothes torn and sticky from a mixture of blood and sweat,
Soldiers screaming in agonizing pain.
Lifeless bodies lying on the grey pebbles covered with blood and flesh,
Guns being fired into the bleeding horizon.

Sprinting  towards the crammed beach,
Seeking for wounded soldiers still breathing.
Searching for the first aid kit that’s beyond my reach.
Hurriedly applying bandages to the blood stained soldiers.

Stretchers being carried into the room with immobilized men
Applying medicine to the pale soldiers
Loss of blood causes nurses to send them to peace once again
Nurses distressed from lack of sleep

Swollen eyes and bitten down fingernails from the worried families back at home,
Children screaming for those who have been lost
Women living in rotten houses all alone
Living with frozen souls for eternity

Tears are shed from the children whom have aged
Those who lived wore medallions of gold
Poppies bloom among the soldiers graves,
Yet we shall not forget this day
Lest we forget

1 comment:

  1. This was an extremely powerful poem. I liked how you took a slightly different viewpoint still within the context of duty. Something to think about for poetry next time will be looking at rhythm.