Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Reanna's Diligence Puzzle

Bailey's Diligence Puzzle

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Lucas's Diligance Jigsaw Puzzle

Megan's Diligence Jigsaw

anna's diligent jigsaw

Shannie's diligent puzzle


Janakan's Diligence Puzzle

Ben's diligence puzzle

Diligence Puzzle

Diligence puzzle

Lucy's Diligence puzzle

Thursday, 15 May 2014

Megan's 100wc

Holly was overwhelmed when she found out she made it into the 2014 speech competition finals. She wouldn't stop rehearsing her speech because she was as anxious as anything that she would make a mistake. When the day arrived Holly got prepared behind stage. “Why should we save the environment”, she whispered. The only thing she could hear was her own voice. Then some of the words sounded like a foreign language. She cleared her throat and then she tried again with the next line, but she still couldn't hear herself right. Holly was extremely relieved when she finished her speech. She waited in anticipation to find out her overall results.  

My Diligence Puzzle

Bailey's 100wc

Week 32

The pod began to reveal the wrinkled creature inside. The pink Martian was coated in a thick layer of slime and its lengthy black fingernails were covering his wide radiant eyes. The small alien began to speak and some of the words sounded like a foreign language from another country.
“Earth is in great danger”
Its eyelids began to shut. The small Martian was tremulously exhausted and its egg sized heart would stop beating very soon. Medics and scientists packed into narrow room. I was pushed into the corridor and forced to look through the telescope after seeing a bright glare. I couldn’t believe my eyes. The war had started...

Sarah 100wc week 32

It was Friday. Friday four years ago. I was fifteen and in my second year at college. I was picked to look after the new kid in our class. He was English and when he spoke Some of the words sounded like a foreign language.  He was so hard to understand and he sounded so innocent but when I asked him why they had moved from England to New Zealand. His answer was,
“ I was expelled from my last school for murdering a primary school boy on a visit to our school and was on the run from the police.”

Alex H's 100wc

Some of the words sounded like a foreign language. Then I relised that the conversation was part English part French. “Bonjour, can we continue this conversation inside that building,” I say pointing to an old dilapidated building. “Yeah sure thing.” We entered the building. I tell them how on the way I was being followed and I didn't want them to find me so that’s why I made us move into this less suspicious looking building. At that moment five people busted through the door and yelled “We’re the police! The group turned around, ran like a cheetah, out the back door and were never found.

emily 100 WC

I was reading this unique book and a thought struck me some of the words sounded like a foriegn laguage, not something normal like french or madarin but a supernatural language like martian.  As I lay in bed pondering about what was out there on the other planets,
I chose to try and figure out what the message was in my book that was martian.  Over the past twenty minutes I managed to figure out what someof the words were, this is what I managed to figure out, We_a e_re dy_to_atta k,_be_af aid_a d_be p epa ed, translation: we are ready to attack, be afraid and be prepared, still I ponder and think should I be worried?


100 WC

…some of the words sounded like a foreign language…

I was traveling to Taiwan and while I was on the plane I was rushing to practice a little bit of Taiwanese. The next day the plane landed on the runway THUMP! the wheels braked onto the runway the rubber was burnt of like fire raging through a house, When I got off the plane this man was shouting at me some of the words sounded like a foreign language...


Rayan's 100 Word Challenge

100 Word Challenge

After a relaxing and unwinding 23 and a half hour flight in business class with 1 stop in Australia and 1 stop in Turkey I finally arrived Paris. After I came out of the airport there was a man in a suit waiting for me he said “Bonjour mon nom est John.”

I replied with, “No french, No french.” this is what i feared spending 1 week with someone that can’t speak English. Then out of no where he said, “Oh sorry my name is John.” His french accent was so heavy some of the words he said sounded like a foreign language.

100Wc week 32

I woke up. Where am I, I thought in my head all I remembered that I was knocked out and put into a van. I suddenly heard people talking but it was in a mumble, some of the words sounded like a foreign language. I grew cautious as I sat up from a creaky old bed, I was thinking hard why I was pulled into this mess I had done nothing wrong. Suddenly the door open and two people came in and gagged me and the world soon turned into darkness.

Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Seyah's jigsaw task

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alex H's jigsaw

Luke's 100 word challenge

The sun was rising over the barren desert. A black SUV was approaching the USA border. The weird part was that it was coming from the USA. It pulled up to the booth. The tinted window went slowly down. Inside of the car was a white man in a suit. He said “ I would like to cross the border to mexico” He then turned around and started to talk to someone in the back seat. some of the words sounded like a foreign language. Then he reversed very quickly and a truck horn went off and a truck smashed through the gate.

Joshua's 100 Word Challenge

“A kid has been kidnapped and the police are at the house that the kid is being held,”  said the news reporter. The cops said the the kidnappers were armed with deadly weapons, the police has new technology that they can hear what the kidnappers are saying inside. “The cops are saying that some words sound like a foreign language.” The police advanced to the house with the swat team and the kidnappers started shooting at the cops so the cops started shooting back. The cops got in the house and killed the kidnappers they searched the house and found that the kid wasn't there….

Seyahs 100 wc

The soft morning light hit my pale skin. As my eyelids separated I realised a group of unrecognizable men surrounding me. Their mysterious voices echoed throughout the elderly warehouse. Some of the words sounded like a foreign language. An uncountable amount of thoughts flickered through my young brain. “Hello?,” I whispered. The men immediately turned their heads in concern. They began to talk among themselves in a language I was unaware of. “I need my family,” I cried. As I began to lose hope a door opened and in walked my Dad. “Daddy whats going on,” I asked
“I’m sorry darling but…. i’m part of the FBI,” he replied


I woke up with a horrible headache; I was dizzy and feeling sick. I was tied to an old metal chair that looked like it was a hundred years old. I saw a group of dodgy people in front of me; they hadn't realized that I was awake yet so I decided to listen to their conversation. “What should fdfaddf him?” said one of the gang members, what the heck were they saying, some of the words sounded like a foreign language. They talked for hours and I kept hearing weird words that I had never heard before. What was happening.

Tuesday, 13 May 2014

100 WC week 32 by Janakan

Once upon a time there was a rich family who lived in a big house which had a massive garden. The garden had colourful flowers on the edges of the front yard. In a corner there was a tree with sour yellow lemons on it. There was a pathway made out of marble leading to the house. Behind the house there were lots and lots of space. In the middle of the backyard there was a big shiny new fountain filled with clean fresh water. One day the family heard voices coming from their backyard. Some of the words sounded like foreign language. “Let’s robar” whispered a voice.

Friday, 9 May 2014

Jack's 100WC

100WC                                                                 vocabulary

BUZZ! THWACK! POFF! a bee hit a sign and descended 50 feet in bee feet anyway. For use it would be 2 cms and fell into a movie scene. The producer  picked me up and flicked me oh the horror. Then I found a stinky, slimy, silly BABY!!! I thought in my mind I want to sting him so I did. Now I’m dying I’m dying oh what a world what a world. So many places I have never been as I say falling in to the for ever abuse and landed in figure town where I stay.

Alex Veltman's 100wc week #31

A bee that had stung someone in the human world had crash landed in the peaceful Figuretopia and the locals were petrified by the creature. They got the FTCL (Figuretopia crime lab) to examine the body and see if it was dead or not. When they arrived at the scene they were horrified to find yet another earth bee in Figuretopia and they came to the conclusion that the bee was in fact dead.
They did an autopsy the day after and found that the bee had in fact die of natural causes.

Emma W 100 word challenge

Thousands and thousands are dying.Thousands sick and struggling to survive. There is not much food left. Luckily I stored up on polin months before. Many knew this would happen. This is happening all over the world. At least 5-10 an hour dying.  Scientists and investigators are on the seen. I have an image of the first to die..
I saw it as I was flying by.I have been studying it for weeks on end. I dont know what to do
. Ive tried to say in my house. Its chaos here and everywhere. Bees really need your help!
edit 1 Week #31

Xiaomin's 100WC

It was one misty night when my brother (Nate) and I were walking through the jungle, we could hear lions roaring, snakes hissing and gorillas banging on their chests. Nate spotted a fainted bee, I didn't believe him until I ran to him. Even though the bee didn't move once….. We tried poking it and moving it. No luck. The bee was really dead. Nate and I decided to bury the bee under some leaves so the wild animals wouldn't go eating it. After a while we strolled back home and made a warm cup of tea.

100Word Challenge Week 31

One day in town of Toyville there was a bee lying in the middle of tree street. Citizens
called the police station and stared at the creature.
After about five minutes the police arrived and took a look at the still bee,They took photographs and checked for breathing and a pulse and confirmed it dead. Meanwhile at ToyCorp (A lab) they invented a reviving fluid in a syringe. They sent it over to the crime scene and injected it into the bee, hooray! the bee has awoken, and flew past all the tiny houses and into the gloomy sunset.

By James

Thursday, 8 May 2014

100 word challenge

Hi I am a toy me and my friends went see the bees in the garden. When we came to the beehive we climbed up the oak tree first we saw barry the guard of the hive but were friends with everyone in the hive so we got in. Sometimes the bees would let us ride on them and today is the day we get to ride on them so i get on first. The ride is unusually bumpy today then suddenly a wasp comes and pulls the bees wing off smash we hit the ground the bee has died.

Shannie's 100WC

“Interestingly,bumblebees seems gigantic these days,their body is as heavy as a bear and as dangerous as a wolf”said the teacher .I could feel the excitement going down my spine after all that listening,but is that true facts?I thought curiously to myself.Soon after everything spark back into my mind.Facts floated around, repeating over and over again,it seems like forever to forget.One day,not long ago something similar happened in the news...A enormous bumblebee seems to be appearing from nowhere,But could they capture it in time to be rescued...

Gill's 100wc

There were two aliens sent from the alien lab on Mars, to go to Earth. Once they aliens landed on earth, they were curious of where they landed. They landed on top of the roof of a house. They jumped down and landed on the doorstep of a house. They entered the house as somebody opened the door. Once they entered, they were fascinated by the sight of a strange fuzzy yellow and black 'object'. It had six legs, and wings. The aliens suddenly 'poofed' out examination equipment. They were sending images and testing. An alien asked, what is it?

Anna's 100WC

Joe and Bob were walking back from work on a Monday. Joe heard a  smash and he look behind him and he couldn't see Bob all he could see was
a enormous dead bee .He push the bee on it side but he couldn't see Bob all he
could see was a portion of blood he rang the police . the police came soon .Joe told them
what happened the police didn't understand  until they look at the bee
they saw bumps in the bee head .The police got a knife and the police when up
to the bee and chopped off its head and bob was inside the  head of the
bee Joe cried as bob was dead.


Lucy's 100 word challenge

100 word challenge

I inspected the bee, slowly turning it over. I have never seen one up close before. On my land bees hardly come, but I have heard that they are extremely dangerous. Apparently, it's stinger is as big as my leg, and it's wings are the size of my body. I have read good books, learning about bees, and why they fly even though their wings are too small for their body. All my life I have been curious about bees, and when I heard the option to go to the giant tree in the middle of nowhere where the biggest bee hive in the world is, I couldn't resist.

By Lucy

Corys 100 World Challenge Week 31


My goal is ideas

Its the year of 1689 in Mini Land. There is two mini people are having a picnic. They had some pizza. But then it went terribly wrong, a massive buzzy bee came down like an asteroid! It was freaky but awesome at the same time. Me and Lucas just stared at it. After that we called the police then the police called the fire station, but they had no idea. They then called area 51 and the SWAT. They eventually got there, They some how shipped it to Alcatraz. They lived happily ever after…

Reanna's 100WC #31

My heart beats faster and faster. My boss had sent me on a mission to find and kill the world’s largest and most dangerous bee located in Australia. The bee can sting anyone and can still stay alive. Everyone starts screaming. I look around and see the bee. I feel faint. But then I grab and hold onto one of its massive legs and inject the poison. The bee slowly drops down with a loud thump. It’s dead. Everyone starts cheering for me. I have become famous. I have saved Australia from one of the biggest threats of a lifetime.  

Lucas 100 Word Challenge Week 31

It was a burning hot sunny day.There were these two older looking guys fishing in a boat.Out of nowhere is started pouring down with rain and lightning strikes came shooting down.The boat was rocking madly and the two men started stumbling and fell off.They got caught in a rip and got pulled under they tried to fight it  but fell to the bottom of the ocean.They found themselves shrunken down on a bench in white investigation cloths investigating a dead bee.They were no longer ordinary fisherman they were crime scene investigators…..