Thursday, 15 May 2014

emily 100 WC

I was reading this unique book and a thought struck me some of the words sounded like a foriegn laguage, not something normal like french or madarin but a supernatural language like martian.  As I lay in bed pondering about what was out there on the other planets,
I chose to try and figure out what the message was in my book that was martian.  Over the past twenty minutes I managed to figure out what someof the words were, this is what I managed to figure out, We_a e_re dy_to_atta k,_be_af aid_a d_be p epa ed, translation: we are ready to attack, be afraid and be prepared, still I ponder and think should I be worried?



  1. Well done on your entry Emily, what a fantastic idea for a story. I loved the structure which led me through the characters thoughts to tell the tale. I think the vocabulary you have used has lifted the story and given the reader a better understanding of the character. I loved the cliff hanger ending, leaving the reader wanting more! Well done, I definately think you have met your goals with this piece.

  2. Good job, I really like the story you told and definitely agree with the 100wc people in them putting you in the showcase. This is the first time I've seen someone from New Zealand in the showcase.