Thursday, 8 May 2014

Reanna's 100WC #31

My heart beats faster and faster. My boss had sent me on a mission to find and kill the world’s largest and most dangerous bee located in Australia. The bee can sting anyone and can still stay alive. Everyone starts screaming. I look around and see the bee. I feel faint. But then I grab and hold onto one of its massive legs and inject the poison. The bee slowly drops down with a loud thump. It’s dead. Everyone starts cheering for me. I have become famous. I have saved Australia from one of the biggest threats of a lifetime.  


  1. Hi Reanna. It’s interesting that you’ve chosen to write your story in the present tense - however, you have stayed in the same tense all the way through, which is quite tricky sometimes. You’ve used a good range of descriptive vocabulary.
    Miss Willing, Team 100wc
    Huntingdon, England