Friday, 6 June 2014

100 Word Challenge Week 35

It was cold but a sunny day.The most unusual day I've ever had in my life.I was walking down a little walk way and in the corner of my eye I saw a dark, black cloud hovering over a wrecked old house.I started to hear some mellifluous music.I started running to it, there was a giant gateway with evil looking statues on the top of it.He stopped and asked “have you seen my friend”.Suddenly he turned into a dragon and the ground started breaking under me and I started falling.I woke up with my heart racing.It was all a dream…..         

1 comment:

  1. Hi Lucas, thank you for entering the 100WC this week and I'm sorry that my comment is so late!
    There were almost 1200 entries this week!
    What I like about your writing...
    You have included lots of description to help your readers to picture the scene.
    You have also used speech in your story to bring your character to life.
    What I would love to see next time...
    Do you think that you could have a go at starting your sentences in more exciting ways? Try words ending in -ly, they do this job brilliantly.
    Well done and keep writing. :)
    Mrs Tucker (100WC Team) Wirral, UK.