Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Alex, Lucas, Janakan and Reanna

The food colouring mixed together. We think that it mixes because of the different ingredients reacting.

When we added the dish washing liquid  the colour spread out to the edges of the bowl away from the dish washing liquid.

when we added the extra soap the food colouring drew back to the edge of the bowl, far away from the dish washing liquid.

It would make the colour repel back to the edge.

We saw the milk change colour when 2 colours mixed together.

The dish washing liquid makes the colours move away from the drop.

when rain drops into a puddle the edges of the puddle move away from where the rain drop landed.

You could make it into a science fair experiment by testing to see what makes the food colouring move away from the dish washing liquid.

When the dish washing liquid was in the milk the food colouring reacted to it and that is what made the colour move around the surface of the

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