Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Food Colouring milk experiment (JJXA)

Question 1 Picture 1
When we first put the food dye in, it all expands and mixes colors. We think this because the food coloring sits on top of the milk. Also it slowly started spreading.
Question 2 Picture 2

When we added a drop of soap the colors moved away  from the soap and combined to create a strong color mix

Question 3 Picture 3

When we added a some more soap it combined a lot and also pushed every color extremely strong gravitational pull.

If you added the dishwasher liquid closer to the food coloring the food coloring would slowly seperate.
We have seen during this experiment that when you add the when you add more dishwashing liquid the food coloring expands more


  1. Hi! We liked your concise wording and description, but it is not a gravitational pull...In fact we think you were talking about a push? But overall, we really liked your observations! :)

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