Friday, 13 June 2014

Matthews 100wc

In the compact world of the small people, it was easter everyone was so excited then all of a sudden there was raging storm clouds rolling into the city then the rain and thunder started, the crackling lightning was flashing all over the cit, the parade was cancelled because of the risk of lightning hitting the high floats, then as soon as the clouds came in they went away and the day was back. All the children were happy and were gathering every easter egg they could find...

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  1. Hi Matthew
    This is a very powerful description of how weather can disrupt so many events but in your case it was a happy ending. I love the words you have used and I was really impressed by '"raging storm clouds rolling into the city" and "crackling lightning was flashing over the city" as they created a very strong picture in my mind of the weather. Very creative writing. Well done.
    Ms O'Keeffe (Team 100wc)