Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Milk and food colouring experiment

. what happens to the food colouring when you first put it in the milk?
It was first a small dot and then little bust of colour popped up from under the surface of the milk.
. Why do you think that is?
The milk might have a reaction to the chemicals in the food colouring.

2. Get ready to watch what happens! Very carefully dip a tooth pick in the dish soap so that a small drop of soap remains on the end of the tooth pick, then touch a drop to the surface of the milk. Be careful not to add the soap directly on top of the food colouring.


. what happens when you add the drop of soap?
It moves the food colouring.

3. Once the colours have stopped moving add another drop of soap to the tip of the tooth pick and try it again. Experiment with placing the dish soap at different places in the milk.

.what happens when you add the extra soap?
we placed the extra soap near the blue and at first it didn't move but then all of a sudden it moved. As soon as it stopped moving big bursts of red colour kept spurting up from underneath the milk.
. what if you add it closer to the food colouring?
It didn't move for a while and then it started to move later.
.what else have you seen during this experiment?
The red almost completely dissapered. And after siting for a while it was all still on the surfae of the milk.

Sarah, Shannie, Sophie and Emma.W

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  1. Very nice! Good recording and good use of technical language. We had the same outcome.
    Emma, Megan, Bailey, Lucy.