Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Science Experiment Lupo, Rayan, Davin, Josh

When we added soap to the food colors in the milk the colors started to pulse outwards. After 30 seconds the colors expanded then closed in.

When we added the soap closer to the food coloring the area in which it expanded grew a lot larger and the pulsing was bigger and seemed to last longer.

Other things we noticed during this experiment where: The colors blended forming other colors such as purple, When we added the food coloring the circles grew slightly bigger and faded around the sides and sometimes little bubbles would form and float across the top of the milk.

What makes the food coloring move?

We think that it is the chemicals in the soap cause a reaction and the food coloring spread out across the milk, before the food coloring stopped pulsing it spread then compressed.

Can this relate to everyday life?

We cant think of anything in everyday life that involves this science experiment

How can we turn this into a science fair experiment? 

To turn this into a science fair experiment we can test what food coloring expands the most and the differences between each of the colors when oil is added.

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