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Welcome to Area 5 Homegroup 2

We area 5/1 at Farm Cove Intermediate School, Auckland. We are a digital classroom in an open space with 2 other classes. We all bring our laptops to school each day. Some of us bring other devices too.

Mr Harper-Travers - I have been teaching at the school ever since I moved here from the UK in 2008. I have been teaching since 1993! I love good food, holidays and learning about learning.


Lupo - In my opinion two interesting things about me are. I really enjoy enjoy sports that involve ice or snow, and secondly I am really addicted to playing a variety of games but mainly League of Legends.

Luke - Two interesting things about me are that i have been doing rock climbing since the start of the year and have already moved up to the second grade. The second interesting thing about me is that i am a hard core gamer.

Joshua - Two interesting things about me are that I like playing sport. The second interesting thing about me is that I like playing games inside and outside.  

Alex - I really enjoy sports and I like playing a variety of games.

Matthew - i love playing rugby and other sports. and i love gameing.

Janakan - I like to play chess and I am 11 years old.

Lewis - Two interesting things about me are I like to play soccer,baseball and basketball. I also like running around with my friends.


Megan - I like dancing and playing netball and other sports. I am 11 years old and love having fun. 

Bailey - I love doing most sports including gymnastics and swimming. My family is very outdoors so I enjoy hikes and I love playing with my friends.

Emily - I love Athletics and try to do as much running as I can, I love purple it is my favourite colour and I try to point it out as much as I can.

Emma - I absolutely love sport, cooking, I love spending time outdoors with my family and going to different beaches on my boat. I dance, play netball and I am part of the Pakuranga Cross-Country Club. 

Joy -  I am usually found either listening to music or on the piano. I love all forms of music and I also love the outdoors. A day at the beach really makes any foul moods go away!

Seyah - I love listening to music. I also love playing netball and basketball with my friends and family. 

Sarah - I am really enthusiastic about netball and this is my third year playing for Sunnyhills netball club. My favourite colour is purple.


Ajay - I really love playing football(soccer) and basically all other sports.  I also love listening to music.

Brad - I have a talent of riding a unicycle, I also enjoy BMX and I am riding in the world championships this year.

Akshat - I have a good talent for rap music and I also love to party.

Daniel - I am a gameaholic and I love old retro games such as my favourite Super Metroid. I'm also a very good speller as I am basically the dictionary of my family.

Sharaan - I really enjoy playing useless games on my phone and I like to download random songs I have never heard of.

Henry - I really love playing sports and I really love going fishing. I am also really good at breaking my bones because I have broken 7 bones over my 13 years of life.

Jordan - I love playing basketball. I love playing video games like Halo 4 and MW3.

James -  I like to play basketball with friends. And i really like to play computer games with my brother when i'm at home.

Jayden - I like to play table tennis with my friends at morning tea and lunch and I love playing games on the computer when I'm at home.

Paolo - I like to play sports with my friends and I also like to play computer games with my brothers at home.


Freyana - I really love sports!!!! In my spare time I like to listen to music, skip and eat fruits!!! My favorite sport is basketball!!!!! 

Shanna - I really love to dance and in August I will be representing NZ for the World Hip Hop championships which will be held in Las Vegas.

Rachel - I really like to play badminton and that's pretty much the only sport I like to play. I also really like listening to music.

Rishika - I love swimming and badminton. I also like listening to music and hanging out with my friends.

Caitlyn - I like to run and do sports. I also do triathalons. I have a twin sister. 

Amy - I love to dance and I also do Water polo. I love all animals and I love to swim.

Claudia - I love to play soccer and netball. I love all animals especially dogs.

Olivia - I love to play soccer cause I am the goaly. And I love to dance.

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